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    They’re out there. Watching and waiting. They want to cut into your margins. They will stop at nothing to ensure they win and you lose. They’re The Entrepreneurs. Whether they are lowering prices, increasing quality or introducing innovative products, entrepreneurs have only one goal in mind: to put you out of business by poaching your customers and cutting into your margins. Are you going to let that happen?

    The Entrepreneurs are shifty. They’ll sell you a line about how they “create jobs” and “offer customer value” to stay in business. They cry crocodile tears about regulation, red tape and higher taxes digging into their margins (and the smallest ones are the whiniest). But behind all the theatrics The Entrepreneurs are ruthless capitalists bent on fattening the bottom line. They’re cut-throat competitors. Turn your back for a minute and they will invade. And that’s why Big G has to step in and empower the Kronies to crush the competition using the power of G-force!

    There’s only one way to get access to G-force. And that’s K Street. Those fed up with competing head to head with superior products and services need only to find their way to the revolving doors. But you’d better come bearing gifts. Not everyone can be a Krony. There have to be winners and losers on this zero-sum battlefield. Big G ensures only one team wins. His Kronies. Remember: it’s all for the “greater good”. If you want to win, you’ve got to get konnected.

    Get Konnected

    Do you want to get konnected to the G-force? Join the club and get special access to the Kronies Kommand Chamber! You'll get the scoop on news, toy availability and maybe even a few insider tips for using the G-force to secure your own seat at the table of power! If you're not at the table, you're on it!

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