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    Ariel Stryker

    The Weapons Expert

    She’s a sleek, sexy cyborg built from military surplus parts manufactured in every voting district in the Union. This dark angel has radar-jamming metal wings that enable her to fly undetected through hostile sovereign territory. Everybody wants her, but she’s all for Big G. Her precision strikes help Big G shock and awe. More “damage,” less “collateral.” Just one of her missiles costs $15 million. Hey – giving Big G the means to police the world doesn’t come cheap.


    Ariel Stryker was once an officer and a bureaucrat at the Department of Defense who flew through the revolving doors to a “private” weapons contractor. Undeclared drone warfare transformed her into a deadly cyborg with all the right curves. With a no-bid license to overkill, she’s a terrorist’s (and taxpayer’s) worst nightmare.

    Special Features

    Radar deflecting wings are armed with missiles – and ready.

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    • The Complex


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    “Goodnight, Terrorists.”

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