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    Seer and Big G’s Trusted Advisor

    Shrouded in a cowl of complexity, Bankor has the power to “see” into the future. He wears an all-seeing-eye amulet around his neck. When he pulls back the sleeve of one hand, he reveals a set of hybrid tarot/playing cards. Pull back the other sleeve and find a stack of chips. Using a mix of foresight and a magician’s sleight-of-hand, Bankor makes money out of moral hazard. This Prophet of Profit is no gold bug. He’s a consigliore, an insider and a rainmaker. Risky, you say? G-force ensures he gets bailed out when he finds himself in trouble.


    Bankor started out as an ordinary Harvard Finance MBA. When he learned to game a complicated regulatory system, his stock rose. His power grew. Eventually his pals Freddie, Fannie and Big G encouraged him to hand out risky mortgages. With Big G at his back, Bankor saw an opportunity to make a mint while making the risk disappear. Can you say “collateralized debt obligation?” Bankor can. Bankor created that shell game. With Big G and the Fed at his back, Bankor always wins!

    Special Features

    Hybrid Tarot/Playing cards and stack of chips; All-seeing-eye amulets.

    Team Affiliations

    • The Street


    • Inflate


    “To save the market, sometimes you have to scrap it.”

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