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    Big G

    The Leader

    Big G towers over the other Kronies—heck, he towers over everybody. His bulging muscles are only a fraction of the power he draws from the G-Force. His half-blue, half-red suit symbolizes the two-party system. He has a mirror for a face (because Big G is “us”). How can so much power be concentrated in one hero? Ask the Kronies. Together, they make an unstoppable team.


    Big G’s origins are something of a mystery. He is thought to have emerged long, long ago – at a point when human beings started thinking of clan kings as having godlike powers. Some say this powerful entity manifests itself in many different civilizations, at many different places and times. Today he has found his greatest expression here in America – as Big G.

    Some think Big G is all powerful. But like all heroes, Big G has a weakness. When the people falter in their belief in the “Greater Good”, his power starts to wane. Thus, he sometimes has to demonstrate his terrific might, to bring about order, and to align the people towards the “Greater Good”. A few times in the past, he‘s lost grip on the G-force. When that happens he goes underground only to reemerge later – bigger, stronger and more powerful than before.

    Special Features

    His belt buckle bears a familiar seal. Red and blue symbolize two aspects of the same awesome power.

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    “For the Greater Good.”

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    Do you want to get konnected to the G-force? Join the club and get special access to the Kronies Kommand Chamber! You'll get the scoop on news, toy availability and maybe even a few insider tips for using the G-force to secure your own seat at the table of power! If you're not at the table, you're on it!

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