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    General Surgeon

    The Team Medic

    General Surgeon isn’t just the team medic, he’s Big G’s own Doctor Feelgood. Combining Krony powers from every healthcare sector, he’s four Kronies in one! His hermetically sealed helmet glows green with the steady, life-sustaining drip of G-Force. This K-Street veteran has the prescription for catastrophic plans: A federal mandate. General Surgeon’s central plan has you covered…for life!


    A warrior, a healer, a crony. During WWII, Colonel Pierce Healy, M.D. was Big G’s private valet. He swiftly rose in the ranks to become head of Veterans Affairs during the Vietnam War, and eventually a key Senatorial vote during the passage of Medicare Part D. For decades he passed through the revolving doors between the Senate Chamber and K-Street, until the day he gave it all for Affordable Care Act…the day he became General Surgeon.


    • Mandate
    • Regulate
    • Obfuscate

    Special Features

    Retractable shield that hides the true cost of care. Patent-protected pill popper. Bionic legs that kick back subsidies and boot patients off their plans.

    Team Affiliations

    • AMA
    • AHA
    • Big Pharm
    • Big Insurance


    “Take two entitlements and call me in morning.”

    Get Konnected

    Do you want to get konnected to the G-force? Join the club and get special access to the Kronies Kommand Chamber! You'll get the scoop on news, toy availability and maybe even a few insider tips for using the G-force to secure your own seat at the table of power! If you're not at the table, you're on it!

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