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    Kaptain Korn

    The Extreme Shape-shifter

    Kaptain Korn is a mutant hero who can change shape at will. One minute he’s coating your corn flakes; another minute he’s bootleg liquor in your gas tank. Though he’s powerless without G-force, subsidies and mandates give Kaptain Korn the muscle he needs to push puny third world farmers back down into the dust. Kaptain Korn ensures jokes stay corny, rears stay flabby and engines run less efficiently.


    The product of a genetic experiment taken to the extreme, Kaptain Korn was once an ordinary researcher. Once Dr. Korn started to splice the genes of Big G with the agricultural sector’s DNA, his work began to transmogrify. And so, of course, did he. After years of grappling with the fact of his mutation, Kaptain Korn now embraces the G-force and all the forms he can take.

    Special Features

    E85 symbol emblazoned on his belt offers a clue about his commitments.

    Team Affiliations

    • Gang Green
    • The Farm Team


    • Subsidize
    • Mandate


    “Putting the G in aGriculture.”

    Get Konnected

    Do you want to get konnected to the G-force? Join the club and get special access to the Kronies Kommand Chamber! You'll get the scoop on news, toy availability and maybe even a few insider tips for using the G-force to secure your own seat at the table of power! If you're not at the table, you're on it!

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