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    Parts & Labor

    The Machinists

    Parts is a gruff-n-tough grease monkey who knows how to keep the political “machine” running. He’s big, strong and dons classic coveralls. Due to a terrible factory accident, Parts lost both of his hands. He had them replaced with swappable tools that make him extra “handy” as he runs the machine. Come lookin’ for trouble in Parts’ junkyard? You’ll be greeted by Labor, his vicious bulldog, They argue constantly, but the two are practically inseparable. No foreign competition or local upstart should mess with Parts-N-Labor.


    Parts & Labor found each other long ago on one of many cigarette breaks at the factory. Their friendship grew as foreign competitors started dumping quality cars, steel and cheap rubber tires in the market. Rust Belt born, Rust Belt bred: Parts-N-Labor blame foreigners for the oxidation around them. Despite all that detritus, this duo keeps pensions bloated and dues flowing to party coffers.

    Special Features

    Removable hands help Parts keep “the machine” running. Special welder’s goggles block out the light.

    Team Affiliations

    • Workers United
    • Power Guardians


    • Tariff-y
    • Subsidize
    • Bailout
    • Corrupt


    “Time to pay your dues.”

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